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Secret Compartment Furniture

Discover our Element of Surprise Collection: Handcrafted Hidden Compartment Furniture from South Africa. Expertly Designed with Quality Hardware to Keep Your Valuables Secure

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Browse our Furniture Collection

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We love wood.
That is the beginning of our story. In 2009 Balthaser Buhrmann (yes, that’s him hiding behind the leaves) started Studio Crafted Furniture, a boutique custom furniture factory. We specialise in high end, bespoke furniture for the luxury market.

VORM evolved gradually from this when we realised there is a space in the market for beautifully made furniture. We slowly developed the collection available at VORM over the last few years.

VORM offers high quality furniture for those who appreciate functional, modern design and a superior level of craftsmanship. We focus on form and function from the design phase through to production and finishing.

VORM is an Afrikaans word that means shape. VORM encompasses so much of what we do, the shape of furniture, how we shape the furniture and how furniture transforms the shape of a room.  VORM is also a reminder that we are in God’s hands and our faith lies in Him.

We hand-make beautiful furniture that’s built to last.

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